Just had Carlos’s team do a deep cleaning at my house. The cleaning was thorough and included baseboards, oven and refrigerator that are not normally covered by other cleaners. Overall a great job. I’m hiring them for regular 2xmonth cleaning and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to my friends.
The result far exceeded what I hoped for. This apartment had 15+ years of smoke and dust accumulation. Carlos responded to my inquiry within minutes and arrived to estimate the job that day. I showed and described the job I wanted. I had realistic hopes that he would get me 80% there and I'd decide if I'd ask him to add another job to get it all the way there. He arrived with a team of five, they worked for about 4 hours and the result was incredible. The bathroom and closet was the of the worst accumulation of dust, smoke, steam, repeated x 15 yrs. When they were finished I was wondering if I really needed to apply paint. It was a bargain at the price he charged me. I'll definitely call him again. Description of Work: DEEP cleaning 2BR, Bath, LR, Kitchen.
Carlos returned my call quickly and made an appointment for a deep cleaning within the week. They came today and we are so, so happy with the cleaning...very thorough. We just scheduled for them to come every other week. Thanks so much, Carlos!